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Nolfs CD

"The Nolfs "Cadillac to Nashville CD"


"The Nolfs "Cadillac to Nashville CD" The Nolfs reunited in 2012 at their hometown fair in Cadillac Michigan, and this CD is a reflection of nine years of their music as a band, including two new songs! Kelly, Val & Brian had a great run doing the fair festival circuit, major clubs and we were More Info »

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Power In Me CD

"Power In Me CD"


"The Power in Me CD" This is Kelly’s first CD which includes some of Nashville’s finest session musicians, friends and family. Provided by Denny Martin at (Martin Music Group). This project includes the duet with Jon Randall (Whiskey Lullaby) (The Only Thing I Wanna Do) and fan favorite Amazing Grace, penned by Nolf. Kelly lovingly More Info »

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Highland Chapel Union Church Christmas

"Highland Chapel Union Church Christmas CD"


"Highland Chapel Union Church Christmas CD" Thank you for making a donation to our building fund. This Christmas Music project is a token of our appreciation. We are a small interfaith, evangelical church with roots in the mid 1800’s.Today we are happy and energetic family of faith. Garland Craft is our staff musician and an More Info »

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Happy Endings CD Cover – Copy

"Happy Endings CD"


"Happy Endings" marks the collaborative debut effort of Kelly and Wyndi outside their roles as "Wynonna & Naomi". Showcasing the powerful, emotionally charged songs of Wyndi Harp and the stellar vocal performance of Kelly Nolf

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"Family Christmas Card CD"


"Family Christmas Card" has been a labor of love for both Wyndi and Kelly and you cannot help but be affected mentally, spiritually, and emotionally by this outstanding collection of perfectly crafted and infectiously performed songs.

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